About Laree Photo

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to take a look through my photography portfolio and blog.  I'm Stephanie Laree Lantz, owner and lead photographer with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography.  I started photography in 2007 and began photographing weddings and large events in 2010.  Each and every session is unique and is treated as such.  I take great pride in fulfilling each client's needs and am dedicated to making sure the event or session delivers remarkable results.  My personal style is a mix of romantic and fun with an airy feel; but I cater to each client individually and will mix my style with theirs for an amazing image outcome.  For couple portraits, I really love to romanticize the scene by using the golden hour- the last hour of sunlight in a day and mix the light with my portable off camera lights.  I'm obsessive when it comes to lighting; the natural light of the sun casts a beautiful warm glow that I can't pass up.  


As a photographer, I get asked a lot of questions.  Here are the most asked questions...

"We need a photographer with a certain personality, tell me about yours?"

Answer:  I am straightforward and loud when I need to control a group of people or crowd, but I always am very friendly about it.  If families or couples seem to be shy, I try to loosen them up by getting to know them, joking around, where we become more like friends first rather than just giving them a service.  I'm also very outgoing so I will guide you through each pose, but if you are more of a candid person- I'll set the stage and let candids flow.  


Even though I can be very outgoing, I also believe listening to the client is key for the perfect image results.  I'm going to listen to what you want and need, and let you know what will work best in my professional opinion.  During a shoot, communication is necessary for a great outcome for you and for myself.

Miss Overly Prepared:  Yes, I'm that woman that will always have a hair tie, advil, or wet wipes on hand.  This comes extremely handy when you're a professional photographer because I always have a backup of everything- an extra 1,000 batteries, camera and lights just incase...  Oh and yes, I do have a pair of scissors on me to cut that thread hanging off of your blouse.


"What exactly does a wedding photographer do?"

Answer:  A wedding photographer's job is to be there for you on one of the most important days of your life and capture each moment  & detail flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly.  It's a lot of responsibility to capture a one-in-a-lifetime event, but a proper wedding photographer is prepared properly and ready for anything and is able to nail those critical shots.  


You can't redo the first kiss or a bouquet toss- so the pressure is always on for photographers, but with years of experience everything becomes second nature to a wedding photographer.  Don't forget, she is also there to help you throughout the day, stay on task, keep with the timeline, and make sure you and your new spouse can enjoy your day without stressing about photos.  When you hire a professional photographer you can sit back and relax knowing your day will be captured in its true beauty.  

If you have anymore questions, feel free to e-mail: stephanie@lareephoto.com