how to pick your photo session location:

Location is a key element whether it be for your portraits on your wedding day or your less formal engagement session..  They main goal of your location is to truly convey a theme or expression of yourselves. In spring, a couple wanted an engagement session that really showed who they were.  We started off in their backyard, walked around their Bucktown/Logan square neighborhood, and ended the session on their front porch; as you can see in the photo to the left.  Check out the entire session here on the blog. If you're having trouble picking out your photo shoot location, don't be afraid to ask- I know countless locations for any look you're going for. One of my couples, sent me a photo of graffiti they saw online and told me to find where this graffiti was located.  They believed it showcased their love of the city, because they wanted it to be their background for wedding portraits.  24 hours later I sent them the address and we had the whole wedding party out there the day of the wedding. 


what you should wear to your photo session:

Be yourself; don't change your entire style for the photo session, bring your style- but dress it up.  Incorporate who you are by accentuating your style and personality through your outfit.  Wear something you feel confident in as well, it will shine and influence the overall mood of the photographs.   Communication: For sessions where multiple people are involved (engagement sessions, family sessions, etc.) make sure you all look as if you're heading to the same place.  It may look a little awkward if Suzy is wearing a ballgown & Tom is wearing sneakers.  Communication is key.  If one person wants to dress up, and the other wants more casual- bring two sets of outfits and do a wardrobe change during the session. 


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